Something’s Different

You ever notice how you see someone that you know one day and they look different somehow. It’s not their normal look. You look at them and their whole appearance seems to be wearing their feelings. If the change is positive, they seem to have a glow. Now, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and you think…”something’s different.” What it is? What’s changed? When did your skin get so nice? Where did that glow come from? Well, I can say with all certainty it comes from…growth. When you stop worrying so much about what someone else thinks, when you stop feeling guilty for mistakes…when you start doing what you’ve always known you were born to do. I’ve been noticing this change in my 16 year old son. He was born beautiful (of course), but lately he’s just had this glow about him; a light about him. I know it’s from growing and settling more and more into who he is. What a joy for a mom to see. As for me, I looked in the mirror today and my skin was clear and I looked at peace. No, everything is not all sunshine and roses. Maybe that’s the reason for the glow. We know that even in the midst of the trials of life, we are blessed. We know we are here on purpose. Yeah, something’s definitely different.