Empathy vs. Apathy

Sometimes I’m astonished by the lack of compassion people have for those in need. When a local program that delivers meals to elderly and shut-ins was at risk of closing, some commented that it was good since those people needed to get jobs anyway. What?! How can people be so heartless. We all need help in this life. We may not need food but we do need help with other things. If we’re really honest most of us live paycheck to paycheck. So why not choose to understand what someone else is going through. Why not choose to say “you know what, that could just as easily be me.” We are all human, why not approach each other that way. Even if we’re not living paycheck to paycheck we can still put ouselves in someone else’s shoes and imagine what it would be like to not know if our next meal is coming. Being in need doesn’t make us any less human. We are still worth helping and receiving compassion. I challenge you to look at those who are food insecure, homeless, elderly, shut-in with eyes of love and not pity. See them as fellow human beings who need a hand but are still worth being treated with dignity.


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