Are You Doing What You Love?

I have a feeling if we ask that question we would probably get a lot of nopes and some indifference. Why do we take and stay in jobs we don’t like? We need to eat. We have a family;we have bills. Now for those who took the leap and quit their corporate jobs and moved into their passions, we tip our hats to you. For those who are still on the grind we tip our hats to you as well. Most of the leapers go into the non-profit sector. They are working everyday in their jobs to make a difference. Well, those who can’t do that, what do you do? Do you not help? The answer is: no, you can still make a difference.. What are some you can do this in your current position? First, you can talk to your boss/supervisor about starting an ongoing food bank or pantry donation drive. Your office can setup a basket in the break room with a sign saying ‘food bank donations’ and designate someone to drop them off when the basket gets full. Another way you can help is by forming a team for cancer walks or another worthy cause when the opportunities presents itself. Choose a fun name for your team. This is also a wonderful bonding experience. What a way to build a real team and boost morale. There are several more ways you can help without quitting your job. I’d love to hear some you’ve done at your workplace.

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Apparently I really am sensitive…

I had a mini-drama this morning. As I was heading back home after dropping my son, I random squirrel comes out of nowhereand scurries towards me and the other oncoming cars. Why do they do this? Have they not learned from the roadkill on the side of the road. Here I was willing to risk my life for this squirrel as I veered in the other lane. I’m not sure what happened to him/her because when I looked back I didn’t see anything in the street. If that thing is stuck up under the car. Ok, let’s not talk about that. Well, I said all that to say this, it made me realize how sensitive I am. Oh, I fancy myself as this tough broad. I mean I’ve been through so much and I’m a single mom for 16 years I’m a survivor! Some tough broad I am screaming at the thought of running over a squirrel. I figure this is why I get so passionate about causes and can’t stand to see people hurt..even people I don’t necessarily like. I figure this is the reason I wear a tight armor and build a wall because I know how tender my heart really is. I want to be a strong woman, mom, believer…I do. But, I don’t want to be hard. I don’t want to have so much armor up right relationships can’t get through. I want to be able to trust and share my life. Who knew a little squirrel could be such a catalyst for introspection.

Empathy vs. Apathy

Sometimes I’m astonished by the lack of compassion people have for those in need. When a local program that delivers meals to elderly and shut-ins was at risk of closing, some commented that it was good since those people needed to get jobs anyway. What?! How can people be so heartless. We all need help in this life. We may not need food but we do need help with other things. If we’re really honest most of us live paycheck to paycheck. So why not choose to understand what someone else is going through. Why not choose to say “you know what, that could just as easily be me.” We are all human, why not approach each other that way. Even if we’re not living paycheck to paycheck we can still put ouselves in someone else’s shoes and imagine what it would be like to not know if our next meal is coming. Being in need doesn’t make us any less human. We are still worth helping and receiving compassion. I challenge you to look at those who are food insecure, homeless, elderly, shut-in with eyes of love and not pity. See them as fellow human beings who need a hand but are still worth being treated with dignity.