This Fear Has Got To Go: Ways to be free of it’s grip

Have you ever been gripped by fear? You can’t act or sing because of pesky stage fright? Ever wanted to do something but you keep making all sorts of excuses to get out of it? Fear is a major reason some of us don’t go forward in our lives. We convince ourselves we’re using wisdom but we’re really just afraid to get out there and try. We have a fear of failing, of criticism and what others will think of us. We fear losing our lives, and some of us even fear succeeding. I’ve always thought people are afraid to succeed because we get so used to a lower level of living if we start succeeding we’re not sure who we will become. Also, with success comes responsibility and we may be afraid we won’t be able to live up to it. If any of these things apply to you, know that you are not alone. The good news is that we don’t have to continue to live in fear. As one who has been gripped by fear herself, I’ve adopted a few strategies that have helped me conquer and push past my fear. The first and most important thing I do is, I speak God’s word. I speak to myself, “God has not given me a spirit of fear but one of a sound mind….”, as well as “perfect love drives out all fear.” God’s love is so powerful that fear has no choice but to leave. Another thing I do after speaking the word, is I do the thing that has made me afraid. We’ve got to put action to our talk. I have to face the issue head on, trusting that God will take care of me. Along with talk and action, I pray. I pray that I can face what I have to do every morning. Pray builds you up, it allows time for us to receive God’s love and care. It brings peace to a trouble mind and anxious heart. If you’re gripped with fear today you don’t have to be tomorrow. Be strong and courageous! You were made for more than just cowering in a corner. You were made to live a full, abundant life.

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