Call me #mochamompreneur

I’ve always known I wanted to own a business or work in the arts. I never envisioned myself in an office growing up. Yes, I went to college and decided to major in business. My heart just wasn’t in it. I received a degree in Early Childhood, and enjoyed aspects of it, but I was only going through the motions. Here we are in 2011, I’m 39 and finally feel like I’m coming into my own. Does anyone else feel that way? It’s so funny to have waited all this time to follow my dreams. I used to get a little sad. I would think I should be further along;I should be a multi-millionaire by now…waaa…waaa…waaa! I had to come to terms with myself and stop seeing me as a failure. In 2008 after prayer and research I decided to start my own errand service and plan events while I was it. It’s been hard work, a bit of roller coaster with the economy but it’s never died. I’m still here. One of the reasons I took the plunge was my boy. I wanted him to see that you can pursue your dreams. I don’t want the fear that stopped me for so long to permeate his life. He needs to know with God all things are possible. I also wanted to do it because I love seeing women of color handle their business. We’ve come from such disparity and still face some, but we are making an impact. In our town, there were the women who’ve been leaders in the community but they were always older. They’re aren’t that many in public office here and I haven’t met any that are event planners. In business conferences, I tend to be the lone black woman and I want it to be different. So, I ‘integrate’ things and represent to the best of my ability. This past year, I started a non-profit after years of a passion for helping others. I root for the underdog, volunteer and yes I’m the bleeding heart who gives money and food to the homeless. I learned that means I’m a social entrepreneur. That’s a nice term..I like it. So that’s why you can call me mochamompreneur. I’ve got the mocha skin, I’m a mom, and business/social entrepreneur. Am I making Oprah bank? Nope, not yet. But, I do what I love. I follow my passions and live life without regret. God is good. If He can take a lump of nothing like me and transform her whole life, just think of all that’s waiting for you.



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