Making the most of the #silence

If your life is anything like mine, you don’t get a lot of alone time. If you’re a parent you try to maintain that you ‘run things’, but we all know the kids’ schedules can easily take control. You’ve got to take one to football practice, the babygirl’s got dance practice around the same time and you still have to pick up the dry cleaning and meet with the booster club! Yeah, our lives can get pretty noisy. We can start running on overdrive and eventually disconnect to all the activities. You just start going through the motions. You start staying in the bathroom a little longer for some alone time. Then one day, a funny thing happens. You don’t have as many emails to return, all your friends seem to be busy and not answering their phones. *Gasp*, your kids don’t have any practices and decide to hang out with friends. What is this phenomenon that’s occurring? It’s God making way for you to have some time to yourself. We were not designed to work non-stop. We were not designed to do everything, for everyone, all the time. Our bodies were designed to work…then rest. Nobody can go without rest and continue to be healthy-physically and mentally. So, now that you’ve got this free time allotted, what do you do with the silence.? It can be a little weird, you may even feel like you’re being lazy…I know I have. Stop those thoughts, this is your time! Take it. What are some things you can do during the silence? Well, first thing I can think of is take a nap. Let your body regroup and reenergize. Next thing you can do, is pray about all the things that have been on your heart but you’ve been too busy to address. Take this time to just lay it all out there. Write down your prayers and revisit them later when you get a chance. Another you can do is give time to a hobby or better yet finally get a hobby. Plant a small family garden, go antique shopping, read,whatever you find relaxing. The point is to not be afraid of the silence or down time. You don’t have to feel guilty. You need and deserve the time to yourself. Enjoy!

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