Living the Affordable Green Life

Seeing as how I’m on a budget myself, I need all the tips I get on living green. I’ve been trying to figure out some for myself. One recycling trick we’ve discovered at our house, is buying gallons of tea or some drink and re-filling empty water bottles. It saves on using a bunch of cups and the drinks seem to get colder faster. We take the leftover bottles to the recycling center. Another thing I need to start up again is using baking soda. I’ve used it to clean things, brush my teeth and as an odor killer. You also can’t go wrong planting a small garden. We lived off our own fresh, home grown vegetables when I was growing up. You can start out by planting small items and if you want expand to a full garden. Also, support local farmer’s markets. Farmer’s are a vital resource. Another wonderful cleaning agent I’ve used is a fresh lemon. It’s true if you’ve ever heard reports about it. Cut one in half and wipe your stove with it and see the shine it will leave behind. The smell is great as well. I’m looking for products in stores that are certified green and effective in stores around town. I want my family to be as healthy and responsible as we possibly can be.

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2 thoughts on “Living the Affordable Green Life

  1. Well I’ll you how I discovered it Courtney. I was doing a play, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and had to stay on stage on stage pretty much the whole time as the housekeeper and we had a stove as a prop and the director gave me a lemon and she said use it. So I started cleaning with it after I sliced it and started noticing the marks were coming off and the dirty spots. It looked so good. I was sold. Hope it works for you! I look forward to connecting with other mompreneurs on the site. Thank you.

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