Ways To Give Back When You’re On A Budget

So you’d like to give to charities and worthy causes but you’re on a tight budget yourself. Well, take heart! There are ways you can do just that. You don’t have to be rich in order to be a giver. Tip#1: Give YOU!! No amount of money can replace the gift of you and your heart. Find a local charity you believe in and volunteer your time. To save on gas, you can car-pool with fellow volunteers or take public transportation. Tip#2: Look online for websites and organizations that operate on ‘per click’ donations. All you have to do is click on a link or ad and you donate to that charity without reaching into your wallet. If you don’t have a computer, visit the public library. Tip#3: Lend your voice to the cause. Be an advocate for your cause by spreading the word. Talk to your friends and family. You can even contact your legislative representative about voting for policy changes that will benefit the cause you believe in. Tip#4: Organize a fundraiser. Have bake sales and yard sales. You can use coupons to purchase the bake sale items or ask for donations from grocery stores, as well as enlist the help of neighbors and friends. A block yard sale where neighbors who can donate items would not only raise money, but also promote unity in your area. Whatever you do will be a blessing to those in need…and you.

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