September is #HungerActionMonth. What you can do to help…

Today’s world is more advanced in technology, medicine, communication than ever before. But something else is on the rise as well; more people are hungry than ever before. We see the commercials about starving people in other countries as well as here in the US. Sometimes we tend to think hunger is not a real problem here but it is. The stats on food insecurity here in this country are staggering (check out Feeding America’s website). What’s going in the Horn of Africa is heartbreaking. What can I do?! think to yourself. It can make you feel as if the problem is too great. It’s not. We can help. Here are some ways we all can get involved in stamping out hungry. #1 Volunteer at your local food bank. Go online, check the yellow pages or call information to find it. The food bank receives food donations and monetary donations to obtain supplies to distribute throughout the community. #2 Organize a food drive. You can get your office involved, book club, or have one at home. Collect non-perishables, can goods, etc. that you can give out or donate to the food bank. #3 Have a pantry party where you don’t exchange food but rather give it out to people in need without taking anything in return. #4 Be an advocate. Join organizations like Feeding America and spread the word about hunger. Contact your representatives and let them know you’re concerned about food insecurity here in the US. #5 Organize a fundraiser to help those in other countries who are suffering or donate online to organizations such as CARE which is helping in Africa. If we do what we can and then strive to go beyond that, we will make a difference.

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