Why hasn’t this been diagnosed yet?

For so many years I’ve had bouts with extreme fatigue. There have been times where I cancelled appointments because I just didn’t have the energy to make it. I’ve also dealt with severe stomach pains which was diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. Most of my life I’ve dealt with allergies, but even with meds I’ve still had times of extreme fatigue. This fatigue isn’t constant, sometimes I’m perfectly fine. When the fatigue hits it makes me feel lazy and unproductive. I’ve had times where I couldn’t remember how to spell a word and had trouble focusing. I’ve had to do a lot of self-talk to remind myself that I’m not lazy or losing my mind. I’ve also felt like some kind of hypochondriac nut because blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds always come back normal. One day I decided to start doing my research and came across chronic fatigue and it was like the heavenly hosts started singing. I know what’s going with me and I just wish someone would have thought of it while I was being sent for all these random tests. But, I understand that no one is perfect. Now that I get what’s going on I’m taking steps to improve my health. I believe that Jesus died to heal me and I do receive that. I also know I have to treat the body I’ve been given well and be proactive. So I’m putting the right foods and vitamins in and not beating up on myself when I am fatigued. I want to be natural and holistic in my approach to being better. If you’re battling the symptoms I’ve mentioned, consult your doctor and ask questions about chronic fatigue. We don’t have to suffer in silence anymore.


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