Learning lessons as parent who happens be single

The one thing I’ve learned over the years, perhaps the most important thing in raising my son, is make sure your kids know without a doubt that they are loved no matter what. It took a few years but I figured out that my boy needs to know that I love him apart from the things he does, good or bad. I have to separate the actions and my feelings about them from my feelings for him. He has to know my love is unconditional. Now, the blessings I give may be conditional. If he doesn’t do homework no going out, etc. But, my acceptance of him is not based on performance. I didn’t get that growing up. Not to bash my upbringing or mother at all, but I never felt quite good enough and it affected how I approached life. Now, I know better and so I have to do better. Our kids deserve a fighting chance in this world and it starts with us. Love your kids, love on your kids..no matter what.

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