I’d love to know what you think. You’d think dating would be easier at almost 40!

I’m finding it hard to actually go out on a date. It could be the fact that I’m more confident that I’ve ever been and I know I don’t have to settle. It could be because I hold every guy up to the standard of Jesus. Whatever the reason, I haven’t actually been on a real date in years. I haven’t had a boyfriend in years. I had to work on myself so I would be good for whoever entered my life. Now I’m in a good place and the prospects are few. Also, I refuse to bring ‘just anybody’ around my son. His well-being is my top priority, even over my own needs. Dating seemed so much easier in my 20s..my mom wouldn’t let me date in my teens. I pray when the time is right I will be aware and not let a great one pass me by.


One thought on “I’d love to know what you think. You’d think dating would be easier at almost 40!

  1. I love the idea of what you’re saying….and yes, it should be easier to date in your 40’s since you know what you want and you’re more responsible now than ever right?? Life is complicated….and as all of us know when we are younger our responsibilities are light, yet as we grow older, life burdens us with more responsibilities…such as children…and divorces…and death of loved ones…

    Yet this is your path…you have a son and it was with a man who you are no longer with…who’s plan was that? God’s plan… yet you have an amazing boy out of that situation which no longer exists….

    Men are deeply flawed…we are a bundle of great and wicked things mired together…some of us are able to control the wild side, others of us embrace it…

    For me, I walk a middle ground… on one side I refuse to live my life less than one moment without full appreciation for what God has allowed me to do with it….and on the other side? I live a hard and wild type of life where I am given the opportunity to delight in God’s world… am I a sinner? Yes….just like God knew i would be….am I a good man? I am… and even though I am not pious and never will be, I understand that life requires you to alter your perceptions to fit a better form of reality….are you being realistic in finding a man who is up to the idea of who Jesus is to you?

    Love your life in a manner which delights God and answers the question i expect on judgement day… Did you love your life enough to really live it? Not your son’s life but your life…

    I hope your answer will be yes…


    P.S. I love your words, and I really appreciate your backgrond with the touching pic of you and the boy…but wow…it’s hard to read and it makes it really diificult to follow the words….. it’s your site, I think you’ve got a great message, I simply want people to be able to read it…

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