Feel free to add your own tips. Budget strategies that are working.. from a Single Mompreneur

These tips are strategies that are actually working for our family. Tip#1: Put God first in your finances. Tip#2: Conserve gas and give your car a break by doing all your errands and conducting meetings at the same time. You’ll have to juggle things but it’s possible. For instance, I have a bible study Wednesday morning at 10,so I’ve scheduled meetings starting at 11:30. Also, I schedule shopping trips or meetings after I take my son to school at 8 in the morning. Tip#3: Clip and trade coupons that you will actually use. Only take the coupons of things you like, love or have been dying to try. Tip#4 Have a pantry party. Sweet members of our church family had one and the point is to trade your excess groceries. I took home some yummy pasta sauce and I didn’t have to pay a dime. Tip#5 Only take the money you will need for the items you plan to buy when you shop. In other words, leave you wallet locked up in the trunk or at home (remember to get you driver’s license!). This will keep you from overspending on things you can do without because the funds won’t be available. Tip#6: Before you make a ‘luxury’ purchase walk around the store, pray about it and when you’re ready to checkout ask yourself if you can live without;if the answer is yes..leave it in the store! Tip#7: Pass down and encourage saving tips to your kids. Teach them out to spot and utilize a bargain. Tip#8: Be a giver. When you give it will come back to you. It’s amazing how that works.

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