Getting my #teen to do what i tell him without the war

It didn’t sit well with my boy that we were visiting another church and not going to ours at all today. He loves our church, he has good friends there and serves in the children’s ministry. He can adapt to change but he needs a heads up on some things. Today was a bit of a battle. He wanted to make the decision but sometimes as a parent I have to make him step out of his comfort zone and open himself up to new, experiences that are beneficial and will cause him to grow. I thought of raising my voice and going into mean momma mode. I decided to be firm, unyielding momma while choosing to respect him and not get insulting. It is just that, a choice. He had an attitude but I wouldn’t let him suck me into it. We rode to my friend’s home. Without a tug of war. I didn’t have to threaten taking his phone or any kind of restrictions. When you’re in that position remember your goal is to promote self-control and self-discipline, so as a parent you have to be that. You have to remember you want to build your child up with honesty and firm guidelines without being belittling.


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