#Wow! i went to a #pantryparty last night and guess what i got?!

A friend invited me to a pantry party and my initial reaction was, “a whaaat?” Well, after talking and catching up the ‘party’ took place. They had grocery items they were not and would not be using and the point is to exchange with others who bring in their unwanted items. I didn’t get it at first, but I’m on the band wagon now. I took home black olives and capers pasta sauce and I can’t wait to try it. Also, the left over items from the party are being donated to the local food bank. How great is that!


Why not #pray for your #teen?

As many things as I can name that can calm you down, center you and give you clarity, nothing can compare to prayer. Going before God and laying all the stress and cares of the day down is the best medicine. It’s a time to reconnect with Him and get guidance. Also, prayer is essential for raising your teens. My son and I pray together every morning, most nights and we pray for others when emergencies come up. I also pray over him and for him on my own. I encourage you, if you don’t already, pray with your teen. Prayers don’t have to be long and oh so eloquent. All you have to do is speak from your heart. I promise you it will change things for the better.

Hold your tongue…#listen to your #teen

If you’re blessed to have a teen that actually talks to you, wants to talk to you, don’t blow it by talking too much yourself. As a parent you want to protect your child. You don’t want to see them make the same mistakes you did or worse. So, when your teen starts disclosing there’s a tendency to correct them or tell them what they should have done. You also want to tell them to never ever to do that again or better yet stay away from those bad apple kids. Before you start ranting, stop and collect you
r thoughts. You want your teen top keep talking to you and blow ups will surely halt that. Yes, absolutely guide your child down the right path but do it in a calm manner. We want to affirm and accept our children. We have to be a safe place for them.

Getting my #teen to do what i tell him without the war

It didn’t sit well with my boy that we were visiting another church and not going to ours at all today. He loves our church, he has good friends there and serves in the children’s ministry. He can adapt to change but he needs a heads up on some things. Today was a bit of a battle. He wanted to make the decision but sometimes as a parent I have to make him step out of his comfort zone and open himself up to new, experiences that are beneficial and will cause him to grow. I thought of raising my voice and going into mean momma mode. I decided to be firm, unyielding momma while choosing to respect him and not get insulting. It is just that, a choice. He had an attitude but I wouldn’t let him suck me into it. We rode to my friend’s home. Without a tug of war. I didn’t have to threaten taking his phone or any kind of restrictions. When you’re in that position remember your goal is to promote self-control and self-discipline, so as a parent you have to be that. You have to remember you want to build your child up with honesty and firm guidelines without being belittling.

Making wise decisions as a small business owner

Being the boss has it’s obvious perks. You make your own hours, you earn the profits, and you also make the decisions. Making decisions comes with risk. Sometimes you have to risk turning down a job. As an event planner who also owns the business, I determine what jobs will suit us and what jobs won’t. Not all weddings are a good fit. Not all clients and planners are meant to do business. You have to weigh all the information. Will this job even be feasible? Will cost more to plan it than we will make from it? Will the client be a good fit for our company? You have to ask yourself…’Am I willing to stake my reputation on this job?

Building a non-profit is a brick by brick endeavor

My tendency is to think and do it when it comes to helping people. Which is a good thing but when you’re going for non-profit longevity, you’ve got to be smart, use wisdom and yes..patience. As we approach this prayerfully, we also approach it prepared to wait on answer while expecting the best. Dream your dreams, write them out and the form and write your plan. Be proactive in what you do and use patience. We are taking action and walking this thing out.