Why this weight loss journey has taken on a whole new meaning…..

I’ve been cutting back on my portion sizes and not eating meals after 7pm for a few weeks now and I’m seeing progress. I’ve been celebrating the success of not eating as much. In addition to wanting to take my body back, I’ve also been volunteering and serving in the community more. This past week and for most of this week those two worlds have been colliding. I’ve been seeing more and more homeless people around our city. People who don’t have the luxury of reducing the portion sizes. People who would love those nightly meals I’ve discarded. Yes, I’ve been at the poverty level, looked in a bare pantry and empty bank account, so I know some of what they must be experiencing…but not all because even having faced eviction…I’ve never actually lived on the street. So has you can guess this week I’ve been looking at the food I ‘don’t’ eat differently. It’s a bit more precious to me that I have a choice. It’s caused me to want to maintain a healthy weight and at the same time not take the meals for granted. So, as we work to build our non-profit that will help the homeless and feed the hungry, I am making sure what I don’t eat and what I don’t spend on the extra food will go to someone who has run out of choices. I’m inspired beyond words and moved to tears. I’m thankful that I’m losing weight and that I get to eat while I’m doing it.


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