What happens when one of ‘God’s girls’ decides she wants to try dating…..

The wording of the title says it all. It’s confusing and a little unsettling. My son is 15 years old and I’ve been single every one of those years. I met a few guys along the way but nothing serious and his dad was so not an option. Then, 7 years I went on a journey to find God..and well I found Him..found Jesus and ended up getting saved. Well, I was on such a quest to know God better, I forgot all about dating. Then a couple of years ago those feelings got stirred up in me and in the last few months I made the decision to date. I never dreamed there would be this inward and outward debate about it. Does a Godly woman date…if she pursues it..is she so Godly after all? I posted a question about dating on facebook and I received mixed comments. Some friends were prodating..some against. Yeah, that just left me more confused. So, I decided to go to the source. God didn’t tell me I couldn’t date, so I’ve been pursuing and nothing has come of it. I like the idea of meeting new people but I ain’t tryin to pimp myself out either…lol. All the while I’m still asking myself..to date or not to date. Like I’ve said before..I wish God would just shine a spotlight on the guy or fedex him to me….


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