Guess what I saw when I looked in the mirror?

Success! I see the progress I’ve made on this weight loss journey. Thank God! I have to admit there was a time when I thought I wouldn’t be able to see any significant change, but I do. As soon as I changed my mindset and my thoughts about my body and food, there was no turning back. I realized I can love me and not be content with being overweight. It doesn’t mean I’m vain or don’t like who I am as a person. I want it all to match. So thankful I see a slimmer, healthier me when I look in the mirror.


Why this weight loss journey has taken on a whole new meaning…..

I’ve been cutting back on my portion sizes and not eating meals after 7pm for a few weeks now and I’m seeing progress. I’ve been celebrating the success of not eating as much. In addition to wanting to take my body back, I’ve also been volunteering and serving in the community more. This past week and for most of this week those two worlds have been colliding. I’ve been seeing more and more homeless people around our city. People who don’t have the luxury of reducing the portion sizes. People who would love those nightly meals I’ve discarded. Yes, I’ve been at the poverty level, looked in a bare pantry and empty bank account, so I know some of what they must be experiencing…but not all because even having faced eviction…I’ve never actually lived on the street. So has you can guess this week I’ve been looking at the food I ‘don’t’ eat differently. It’s a bit more precious to me that I have a choice. It’s caused me to want to maintain a healthy weight and at the same time not take the meals for granted. So, as we work to build our non-profit that will help the homeless and feed the hungry, I am making sure what I don’t eat and what I don’t spend on the extra food will go to someone who has run out of choices. I’m inspired beyond words and moved to tears. I’m thankful that I’m losing weight and that I get to eat while I’m doing it.

How do i deal with difficult people and stay true to Jesus?

I know there’s a purpose for having difficult or ‘sandpaper’ people in my life. I even that for some people I’m the sandpaper one. I can’t imagine who these people are, but I’m sure they’re out there. Recently, I’ve had to deal with someone who was unwilling to communicate and interact with me on a project. It’s so frustrating when you’re trying to work with someone and they’re in they are missing in action. When you have different work ethics it’s also hard. I believe in being flexible, but I also know you get out what you put in. So, needless to say there was a clash and the person became very insulting. I had a choice to make. I could sink to his level and be true to me or I could take the high road and be true to Jesus. I decided the high road looked a lot better. How can I call myself an ambassador for Christ if I ‘m not living it? I won’t let anyone including myself, from what God has called me tO do. I will make choices that reflect the way Jesus loves me and not from a vengeful heart.

You know it’s a good day when…..

You’re sitting down and you know glance at your midsection to check things out (or is that just me) and there’s less belly hanging over than usual. Woohoo! Score one for the kid!! I swear…muffin top and belly hangover are just a downer. You think you’re looking all cute…you got swag..and then you look down and all you see is this fanny pack..but it’s your belly. I’m determined to remove the hangover. I hear cardio is good and I know walking is good. So I’m gonna put an emphasis on my abs this coming week. We’ll see how I do….

Why is so important to have support while trying to lose weight?

I like to fancy myself a pretty strong woman. I’m single, raising a boy into a man, entrepreneur and volunteer. I pray and talk to God before I talk to anyone else and there are things I don’t share with anyone else. So I figure I can get through this without having the support of another human being, right? Not quite. As a volunteer, I know first-hand that every needs someone to help them at times. Heck, I know that as a single mom. As I’ve gotten serious and proactive about losing weight, I’ve seen my family shift their thinking as well. When do meals as a family, they have made sure to have grilled meat for me, veggies, and fruits. They also ask before hand what I’d like. It has been such a blessing because I don’t have to avoid meals, I don’t feel temted to cheat on my new journey. I don’t feel resentful towards them for noit respecting my plan. Support brings us together. It unifies in a common goal (wow that could I also have friends who talk about and plan workout routines with me and encourage me to follow through. If you know someone who is on a weight loss journey, support and encourage them because it does matter. If you need support, surround yourself with uplifting people. Also, encourage yourself. Speak positively about you. Look in the mirror and find something you like, love the fact that you’re here and alive and free to lose weight if you want. See the person inside and her/him out and watch how it changes things.

I’m realizing the importance of fiber in losing weight

Sometimes I have to skimp on eating foods high in fiber. I love vegetables and fruit, but I don’t get the recommended amount of servings everyday. Over the past two weeks, I have been eating more and taking the advice of a specialist of mine and taking a fiber supplement. It seems to keep things moving and is also helping with my energy level. I’m also seeing how important a regular detoxing really is for our bodies. When I start thinking about all the impurities I’ve allowed in my body I get upset with myself for not eating better. I’m working to change all that. As I’m doing that I’m seeing a change in my skin as well. We should incorporate veggies and organic foods in to our diet;the benefits are real and long-lasting.

What happens when one of ‘God’s girls’ decides she wants to try dating…..

The wording of the title says it all. It’s confusing and a little unsettling. My son is 15 years old and I’ve been single every one of those years. I met a few guys along the way but nothing serious and his dad was so not an option. Then, 7 years I went on a journey to find God..and well I found Him..found Jesus and ended up getting saved. Well, I was on such a quest to know God better, I forgot all about dating. Then a couple of years ago those feelings got stirred up in me and in the last few months I made the decision to date. I never dreamed there would be this inward and outward debate about it. Does a Godly woman date…if she pursues she so Godly after all? I posted a question about dating on facebook and I received mixed comments. Some friends were prodating..some against. Yeah, that just left me more confused. So, I decided to go to the source. God didn’t tell me I couldn’t date, so I’ve been pursuing and nothing has come of it. I like the idea of meeting new people but I ain’t tryin to pimp myself out either…lol. All the while I’m still asking date or not to date. Like I’ve said before..I wish God would just shine a spotlight on the guy or fedex him to me….