The key to my weight loss is self-control and discipline.

Unless I have a thyroid problem, it’s on me if I lose weight and keep the weight off. I am the one who decides what I put in my body and how much of it. I’m the one who has to decide to workout or sit on my butt. Now. I absolutely understand those of us who are dealing with demons and use food as comfort;I’ve been in that position. This particular weight loss journey is not my first time at the rodeo. About 10 years ago I put on 40 pounds because I was dealing with some sadness but not in a constructive way. I remember one night when my son told a friend’s daughter had called me fat. He didn’t like that she said that and frankly neither did I. Then one day, I was walking into a convenience store and I looked in the glass doors and saw a woman and I thought, “that’s a cute dress but she might not be the right body type for it.” As I got closer to the doors, I realized that the woman was me. From that day I was on a mission to lose weight and in 8 months I lost 40 pounds. I did by cutting out fried foods and late night mass feedings. I also joined a gym and worked my tail off. I put the weight back on over the years but I haven’t been overeating but I haven’t been eating right either. I stopped going to the gym. I dealt with a lot of my issues within the last 10 years and I know I’m not eating to fill a void. So now it’s time to take this weight off again and leave it off! I don’t want to come back here again..ever. I will watch what I eat, cleanse my body and avoid things that I know will pack on the pounds. I want to look good and feel good. I have too much to do not to be in shape to do it.


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