Two evictions, moved back in with mom. Now I’m building a business and starting a non-profit…am I nuts or what?!

The past year was rough to say the least. Whenever I write down and read the things that happened I feel like it’s a made up story, but it actually happened. I work hard and I’ve always wanted to be independent and own my own home and business, so needless to say the two evictions made me feel like a total dead beat and failure. I felt like I let my son down, God down. I started trying to back track and see how it went wrong so quickly. I went through a low, low period. I in my life. I felt like my life wasn’t worth continuing. But God picked me up out of it. I made the decision to stop feeling sorry for myself. I also discovered that it’s ok to depend on God and to let people help me. Now I’m building my event planning business, working to pay off debt and with a friend of mine I’m starting a non-profit. I founded this group to empower to get out of their ruts and to dream again and then go out and really live. We want to help people read better, get better jobs, help women start their own businesses. I want to bring hope and shine the light of Jesus. We also want to help when disaster occur, to help pick up. the pieces. It’s a lofty endeavor I know but so very possible.


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