Soo…was the leftover piece of fried chicken wrong?

Yes I know I’m on a weight loss journey, but I’m also on a budget. We had leftover fried chicken and needed breakfast; I only ate one piece. Last night I controlled my portion with the rice we had with it, and I only ate a small wing amd a thigh so I’m on the right track….or at least a better one anyway. Maybe I need to search the web to find out tips for eating healthy while on a single mom’s budget.I’ve been building by event planning business from the ground up this past year and a half, so cutting costs is the name of the game. I also need to use all of the coupons that I get. Oh, i need to actually myself as well. I believe I’m at about 175 and I’m 5’2″. So I’m fluffy but not jiggly I guess. I’ve lost weight before so I know I can do it again. The main goal this ime around will be keeping it off for good. i know what i want to see when I look in the mirror and pictures of myself…now it’s just a question of doing it.


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