Today is weigh-in day!

After my week long experiment of reducing my portions and not eating meals after 7pm. Why am I nervous?! Ok, time to just go for it…I’ll be back with the results.


The key to my weight loss is self-control and discipline.

Unless I have a thyroid problem, it’s on me if I lose weight and keep the weight off. I am the one who decides what I put in my body and how much of it. I’m the one who has to decide to workout or sit on my butt. Now. I absolutely understand those of us who are dealing with demons and use food as comfort;I’ve been in that position. This particular weight loss journey is not my first time at the rodeo. About 10 years ago I put on 40 pounds because I was dealing with some sadness but not in a constructive way. I remember one night when my son told a friend’s daughter had called me fat. He didn’t like that she said that and frankly neither did I. Then one day, I was walking into a convenience store and I looked in the glass doors and saw a woman and I thought, “that’s a cute dress but she might not be the right body type for it.” As I got closer to the doors, I realized that the woman was me. From that day I was on a mission to lose weight and in 8 months I lost 40 pounds. I did by cutting out fried foods and late night mass feedings. I also joined a gym and worked my tail off. I put the weight back on over the years but I haven’t been overeating but I haven’t been eating right either. I stopped going to the gym. I dealt with a lot of my issues within the last 10 years and I know I’m not eating to fill a void. So now it’s time to take this weight off again and leave it off! I don’t want to come back here again..ever. I will watch what I eat, cleanse my body and avoid things that I know will pack on the pounds. I want to look good and feel good. I have too much to do not to be in shape to do it.

Burnt toast, soulfood, and triscuits…all in a day’s weight loss journey.

This morning I only had a piece of toast that ended burning a little and a cup of coffee. Does the fact the bread was burnt reduce some of the fat or caloric count? Then my family gets soulfood for lunch. They got baked chicken, rice and beans and cornbread for me. My mouth is watering writing about it. But, I didn’t eat the whole plate..I reduced the portions on my own..yay! Oh I did have a diet strawberry limeade from sonic which was good. I want to research the nutritional facts on it but I’m a little;maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. I didn’t eat a meal after 7pm, I only had 2 triscuits and water. I’ve decided to do workouts that really work for me. If I work my arms and back with weights they get toned pretty fast. A good cardio workout and walking is good for me as well. Tuesday will be my weigh-in day. Hoping for good results.

Holding my own…

Holding my own with this losing weight. I’m keeping my portion sizes down and watching the calories and no meals after 7pm. I love myself but I’m not content being overweight. It’s hard but I know I can do it. If you’re trying to lose weight as well, I encourage you to keep going think past the moment, think about the goal and press towards it. After this week’s experiment is up,I want to try eating organic.

Two evictions, moved back in with mom. Now I’m building a business and starting a non-profit…am I nuts or what?!

The past year was rough to say the least. Whenever I write down and read the things that happened I feel like it’s a made up story, but it actually happened. I work hard and I’ve always wanted to be independent and own my own home and business, so needless to say the two evictions made me feel like a total dead beat and failure. I felt like I let my son down, God down. I started trying to back track and see how it went wrong so quickly. I went through a low, low period. I in my life. I felt like my life wasn’t worth continuing. But God picked me up out of it. I made the decision to stop feeling sorry for myself. I also discovered that it’s ok to depend on God and to let people help me. Now I’m building my event planning business, working to pay off debt and with a friend of mine I’m starting a non-profit. I founded this group to empower to get out of their ruts and to dream again and then go out and really live. We want to help people read better, get better jobs, help women start their own businesses. I want to bring hope and shine the light of Jesus. We also want to help when disaster occur, to help pick up. the pieces. It’s a lofty endeavor I know but so very possible.

Day 3 of eating smaller portions and no after 7pm feedings

Well I have to say it’s going well. Normally I have stomach problems, but I feel really good right now. I didn’t ever feel like I was gorging or seriously over-eating but I guess maybe stomach wasn’t made to hold as much food as I was feeding it. Interesting stuff. The no after 7pm feedings are working out well. I’m hungry now and it’s after 7 so I’m staying strong as I right this. I may have an apple and water, because I do get a little sick when I don’t eat enough. I also feel like the experiment is working as far as weight loss, even though I know it’s too soon to tell. So my goal now is to lose 10 lbs by June 25. I think I can…no..I know I can. I have to be in good physical shape so I can do all the things God has called me to do.

Getting our non-profit started

I founded a group, a ministry of sorts and we are now taking the steps to become a non-profit organization. This is something God has stirred up in me over the years and now it’s coming into fruition. Everything in me wants to move at the speed of light, but I know this will take time and tenacity to see this through. Today, I was coming up with names and I thought was being quite clever. Well, it turns out every last one of those names is an established organization. Great minds think alike right? So, I went back to the drawing board and finally found a few that are available. I’ve pitched the idea and now I’m waiting to get the go ahead to proceed because I want us all on one accord. We won’t make this happen without unity.