Went into a store today to check out fabrics and an employee walked towards and as I smiled she gave me a smile that didn’t really scream cheery. Then when I asked how are you, do you know what the response was? Nothing..nada..not a sound came out of her. Then she sort of turned her head with sort of an apathetic look. I know I’m no one famous and not her friend,but we don’t have to be blood sisters to speak to each other. Was it apathy or insecurity? What keeps us from just being cordial to each other..and where did customer service go? I’m praying for an overflow of kindess and love. Praying for us to keep the savor in our salt and our lights bright. Lord, strengthen us to share your love and not become or remain complacent. I think with more love, more respect, more caring, there’ll be a lot less stress , sickness and folks hurting each other. Lord, help me not to contribute to any unrest, but spread your love. I hope you’ll agree with me.


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