We had a drug bust in our little ‘just beyond the city limits’ community this morning. While I was getting ready to take my son to his summer job, I heard a plane outside but didn’t think much of it. Then my aunt called and said there was a drug bust and for us to be careful. Well, that plane turned out to be a helicopter that continued to circle through the community for about an hour and half. It flew over our house. Our windows rattled and my cat moved closer to me. Turns out the drug bust was to apprehend dealers who’ve been selling in front of the church across the street. It got me to thinking how I go out into the city to be a light and there needs to be one right here in my own backyard. Don’t get me wrong the majority of our community is God fearing families who’ve built a life out here. Still, knowing all that, I know how darkness can be infectious. It can erode even a strong foundation; unless believers take a stand. So from here on out I will be a proactive light in our community. I will be walking and praying throughout the neighborhood and hopefully I won’t be alone. We will tell of a better way. Reminds of the song by Chris Tomlin;” greater things have yet to come….greater things are still to be done in this city.”


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